Get Off Drugs Schaumburg, Illinois

Get Off Drugs Schaumburg, Illinois

Visiting your local counseling center is your first step to getting started on the road to recovery. The counseling program consists of individual, family, and educational sessions done with licensed, Masters level counselors through face-to-face video. There is no travel to a counselor’s office and complete privacy. Sessions can be done at work, home or wherever you are most comfortable—even while traveling. In addition, clients receive an artificial intelligence app that can connect you to a counselor 24/7 if you need help between counseling sessions, as well as online educational videos for comprehensive care. If you are ready for freedom from Alcohol and Drugs, call us now toll free at (855) 942-3433.

If you are a local licensed counselor interested in partnering with eHome Aftercare, contact us at (855) 942-3433.

(855) 942-3433
Schaumburg, Illinois