How to Talk about Drug Addiction with Friends and Family?

Loving an Addict or Alcoholic: How to Help Them and Yourself

Some people want treatment so they can learn how to stop using drugs. They want to get their lives back.

Other people don’t want treatment. They are so deep in their drug addiction that they aren’t ready for help. Many people who use drugs go into treatment because the police, a judge, their job, or family members make them do it. It might take a while for them to understand that they have a problem and want to stop using drugs. But treatment can work even when someone doesn’t want it.

When friends and family show that they care, it can help people stick with treatment, even when it’s very hard.

If you’re an adult, there are many things you can do to help someone in treatment.

Find them treatment services and information.
Offer rides to treatment and support groups.
Remind them to take any medicine their doctor gives them.
Help them find a place to live, if they need one.
Help them get a job, if they need one.
Find things to do that will take their mind off drugs.
Help them avoid places and people that might tempt them to take drugs again.
Talk with them about their feelings and drug cravings.
Be understanding if they relapse, and help them get back into treatment quickly.

Everyone who chooses to seek help for drug addiction does it for their own reason. can help them identify that reason and find solutions that actually work using the latest in virtual counseling. Call 855-942-3433 to learn more and begin the path to recovery.

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